Do not rent this virtual host in the United States

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The general choice of foreign virtual host, in fact, the main reason is that the price is much cheaper than the domestic, and foreign virtual host in the space specifications are also more favorable, in particular, almost all traffic is not limited, and can store several A website, for web design companies can reduce costs, but for Taiwan, the general small web design company is not dare to try, the biggest problem is the language of communication and virtual hosting management interface is not suited, if the need for consultation for language Very troubled, but the US host business almost all can be half-way termination of the refund mechanism, which is an advantage!


But after the search found the US "fastdomain" host, the price is relatively cheap to rent for a year, until the second year before the expiration of the contract would like to rent a month, at the same time with this time to migrate all sites to other US Host, because this home fastdomain virtual host interface is not very convenient, and online chat consulting system often no response, but the contract is not careful to a one-year period, so immediately through the letter and online consultation, the other completely ignored There is no positive response, this feeling is like a fraud group.


So I have no choice but to immediately all the sites are migrated, and never want to use this host business, it is recommended that you do not lease fastdomain virtual host, or I believe that if any questions after the lease, I believe that the use of online consulting system But also no one to respond, this host in the United States is also very poor evaluation of the evaluation, this is what I go after the search to know, because they are using cheap to attract consumers! The service situation is almost the same as my content.


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